Build Models Visually.  The Way You Think.

Beyond the spreadsheet

Transcend your frustrations with cumbersome spreadsheets. Analytica''s clarity, power, flexibility, and scalability will be a revelation.

Analytics without programming

Build transparent models using Analytica in a fraction of the time needed for procedural languages like R or Python.

A revolution in financial modeling

Get insights not just numbers. Use agile modeling to create models for effective business decision making.

Visual modeling

Use intuitive influence diagrams to structure and navigate your models that reflect the way you think .

Risk and uncertainty

Estimate and manage risk and uncertainty using efficient probabilistic simulation. Use smart sensitivity analysis to see what matters and why.

Decision Analytics

Analytics have no value until they help make decisions. Analytica enables you to focus on objectives and outcomes.

The Future of the Automobile

Can alternative technologies such as biofuels, natural gas, electric vehicles, or hygrogen fuel cells reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on oil?
Case Study

Max Henrion | Ramsey Medal

The Decision Analysis Society has awarded the 2018 Frank Ramsey Medal to Max Henrion, CEO of Lumina and originator of Analytica.

Analytica 5.2 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Analytica and ADE 5.2! A new feature: drag-to-zoom on a plot. This release includes a long list of new features
What Users Say
A powerful forecasting and business-modeling package does what spreadsheets never could.”
Technology Magazine
“I estimate that the time I spend writing Analytica models is one quarter to one half of that devoted to similarly complex spreadsheets.”
ORMS Today
Everything that's wrong with the common PC spreadsheet is fixed in Analytica.”
PC Week
“Analytica is one of the best examples of an analytical tool with rich visual modeling capabilities, that is being used to build a wide range of decision-centric analytic applications.”
Henry Morris


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