What is Analytica?

Analytica is a visual software environment for building, exploring, and sharing quantitative decision models. If you find yourself struggling with complex spreadsheets, you will find Analytica a revelation.

Build and Run Faster

Analytica runs 5 to 10 times faster than equivalent spreadsheets. And more important, you can build models 2 to 4 times faster. Models are 10 to 100 times smaller than equivalent Excel files — and correspondingly easier to build, debug, and explain.

“I estimate that the time I spend writing Analytica models is one quarter to one half of that devoted to similarly complex spreadsheets.”

Influence Diagrams

Build, navigate, and present your models with intuitive influence diagrams. Distinguish decisions, uncertainties, and objectives by node shape. Clarify dependencies with influence arrows.

influence diagram analytica

Module Hierarchy

Cope comfortably with models too complex for spreadsheets. Organize large models as a hierarchy of comprehensible modules.

analytica model hierarchy

Intelligent Arrays

Explore multidimensional data with the ease and power of Intelligent Arrays™. Work with arrays, not cells. Formulas generalize automatically as you extend and add dimensions.

“The way Analytica handles multidimensional arrays is a huge advantage over spreadsheets.”

Self-Documenting Models

Each variable includes units, description, inputs, outputs, and more. This transparency helps you and your clients understand the assumptions and trust the results.

Object view model spreadsheet

“What you're looking to do is understand not only the numerical results, but the relationships that generate the results.”

Risk and Uncertainty:
Monte Carlo

Explore uncertainty with efficient Monte Carlo. Discover which uncertainties really matter and why, with intelligent sensitivity analysis.

risk and uncertainty analysis

“Within its chosen domain — uncertainty propagation through influence diagram models — Analytica® is by far the easiest and best tool that we have seen.”


Find the best decision strategy with the Analytica Optimizer. It formulates problems automatically for optimization. You can upgrade to the World’s most powerful solver engines.

optimization model analysis

“Analytica cuts through the spreadsheet obfuscation by giving you a better way to create testable, working business models and simulations, from the simple to the complex.”

Analytica Cloud Platform

Deploy models instantly onto the web for end users with the Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP). Your whole team can collaborate with an ACP Group Subscription.

acp enterprise model


Spreadsheet add-ins try to retrofit one or two of these features. We designed Analytica from its inception as a coherent and elegant whole.

These are a few of the ways in which these features work together as an integrated whole:
  • Uncertain values are represented as a random sample over the Run dimension — you get the full power of Intelligent Arrays to display and analyze probability distributions and statistics.
  • Build a model at the level of variables not cells: Each node in an influence diagram can be an Intelligent Array. Influence arrows are much clearer and more useful than audit arrows.
  • Optimization fully supports Intelligent Arrays over Time and Run, enabling powerful dynamic and stochastic optimization.

As you grasp the elegant design of Analytica, you’ll be amazed by the power and clarity at your fingertips.


“Everything that's wrong with the common PC spreadsheet is fixed in Analytica.”

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