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Analytica is being used for an amazing variety of applications, in industry, government, and academia. Select a category that interests you to see the case studies in that area.

Risk & Uncertainty

From its inception, Analytica was designed to help quantify and assess risk and uncertainty from its first release. It is used for a wide variety of applications for risk analysis….

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Environment & Climate

It is ever more important for us to understand our environment, how human activities may affect it, and how we can reduce the damage. Environmental problems are often complex, having…

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Open-Source Models

Increasingly, researchers and consultants like to make their models open source, so that anyone interested can view the assumptions, modify them, and generate their own results….

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Defense & Security

Whether it be modeling of lifecycle costs of defense projects or conducting security risk assessments to inform the development of risk mitigation strategies, there is a demonstrated…

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Consulting Firms 

Consulting firms find Analytica gives them a competitive edge in the speed with which they can create decision models for their clients, and the clarity of the insights they provide.

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Health and Pharma

Whether you are a public health analyst interested in modeling the health impacts and risks of meat and poultry products or a pharmaceutical company looking to manage the risk and…

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Transportation & Manufacturing

Several companies in the manufacturing and transportation industries prefer using Analytica for quantitative modeling. Claude Marbach, of Rexam Beverage Can America, offers a great…

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Analytica is used for teaching and research in many leading universities. Professors find it an ideal tool for students to learn the science and art of building effective decision…

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Water and Ocean Resources

With climate change affecting our natural resources, how we handle water and ocean resources has become more important than ever. Analytica is being used across the board by…

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Energy and Power

Accelerating innovation in energy technology coupled with policies to reduce carbon emissions are transforming industries. Energy analysts are using Analytica to help understand and…

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Lumina Consulting Case Studies

Lumina’s consulting team helps organizations build and use effective decision tools using Analytica. We can help you get started…

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