Build Models
The Way You Think

Analytica lets you build models the way you think. With Analytica you can make better decisions around your complex business problems to generate useful results and insights. This is done by graphically mapping data, calculations, and expert opinions into a logical format, that makes collaborating and sharing with your team and clients more straightforward. Analytica makes it simple to scale and change details within your models, which eliminates errors that are synonymous with spreadsheets.


Transcend cumbersome spreadsheets. Analytica’s scalability, power, flexibility, and clarity will be a revelation.

Without Coding

Build transparent models using Analytica in a fraction of the time needed for procedural languages like R or Python.

Financial Analysis

Get insights not just numbers. Use agile modeling to create models for effective business decision making.

Risk & Uncertainty

Estimate risk and uncertainty using efficient probabilistic simulation. Smart sensitivity analysis shows what matters and why.


Use intuitive influence diagrams to structure and navigate your models that reflect the way you think.


Analytics have no value until they help you make decisions. Analytica enables you to focus on objectives and outcomes.

Analytica at a Glance

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