Video Introduction to Analytica

In addition to the Tutorial which is accessible from the Help menu in Analytica, there are many video tutorials and recorded webinars about how to use Analytica- Building a Model, Getting Started with Analytica, and Analytica Tutorial Chapter Videos.

For more videos and topics, download old webinar recordings and their corresponding models on the Analytica Tutorial Videos page on the Analytica Wiki.

Building a Model

The following video demonstrates the process of building a model from start to finish, illustrating the various stages of model building, and typical steps involved.

Getting Started with Analytica

Here are short introductory videos for Analytica users.

Analytica Tutorial Chapter Videos

These videos correspond to the first three chapters of the Analytica Tutorial, covering the core material that you’ll need if you are using a model that has already been built. If you plan on building models of your own, then you should continue through Tutorial Chapters 4-9 (there are no videos for these).

Direct links to videos in this series:

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