Video Introduction to Analytica

The best place to get started is with the Analytica Tutorial series, covering the core material that you’ll need. You can then follow along as Lonnie Chrisman, our CTO walks through building a model. Finally learn a little bit about what makes Analytica so valuable in our Influence Diagram, Intelligent Array and linking Excel videos. 

For more, see how others are using Analytica in our webinar series.

Tutorial Series

To get started let’s look at a model that has already been built.

To build your own models please reference Chapters 4 – 9 (there are no videos for these). 

In this video series:

  • Chapter 1: Open a model to browse (8 min)
    Learn how to open an existing model, calculate results, change inputs and display uncertainty.
  • Chapter 2: Exploring a model (8.5 min)
    Learn how to examine influence diagrams, variables, attributes, definitions and results — the basic techniques for exploring any Analytica model.
  • Chapter 3: Analyzing a model (6 min)
    Learn about several forms of sensitivity analyses: importance analysis, parametric analysis and comparison of decision alternatives. Here you’ll get your first taste of multi-dimensional arrays and array abstraction.

Building a Model

The following video demonstrates the process of building a model from start to finish, illustrating the various stages of model building, and typical steps involved.

Valuable Features

Here are a few short introductory videos on some of the main features that Analytica is widely known for. 

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