Analytica Decision Engine

ADE gives you Analytica’s computational muscle with the means to seamlessly link it to your software. With ADE, you can deliver Analytica models to your end users as a Web application or via a custom graphical user interface.

Using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Office applications, and many other environments, ADE lets you create a user interface to your Analytica model which will allow your customer to focus on model’s insights, while shielded from the structure and complexity of your decision support application.

Using ADE as a back-end to your custom application, your customers won’t need to learn Analytica, or any other modeling environment. ADE can be linked to a Web server to provide decision support to your customers around the office, the country, or the world.

When called from your application, ADE can read, modify, and evaluate any Analytica model. ADE can also be used to create and save models, which are completely compatible with Analytica.

The optional Optimizer module that supports linear, quadratic, non-linear continuous and mixed-integer program optimization is available for use with ADE.

ADE Includes

  • ADE Library, a dynamically-linked library with the full computational power of Analytica.
  • Example applications in VB.NET, Visual Basic 5.0 and Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel
  • Analytica ActiveX (OLE) Automation Server to allow access to the Engine from almost every development environment.
  • A license for ADE on a development server
  • A license for ADE on a public production server

Hardware Requirements

  • 500 MB hard drive space for the development libraries, for Analytica, and ADE.
  • 4 GB of RAM

Software Requirements

  • Analytica Enterprise
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 +
  • Any development environment with COM, Automation support or .NET, such as: (Microsoft:) Office for Windows, Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Visual FoxPro, Internet Information Server with Active Server Pages, Javascript, VBScript, (Non Microsoft:) Lotus Approach, Sybase PowerBuilder, Borland C++, Paradox, Perlscript, WordPerfect Office

Example Applications of ADE

  • Analysis of the cost effectiveness of pollution control technologies for fossil fuel power plants Visual Basic interface.
  • NASA uses a schedule and cost risk analysis for ground processing of the space shuttle using Visual Basic interface. For More>>
  • Health care decision support tool to help prospective parents weigh the pros and cons of genetic screening procedures via web interface.
  • Web-based advisor to help consumers select products, such as digital cameras or credit cards. 

How to get started with ADE

The best way to learn more about ADE is to first become familiar with Analytica. Analytica contains all of the modeling and computational capabilities of ADE, and has an easy-to-learn user interface that gets you building models quickly. Models you build with Analytica can be used and modified with ADE, and vice versa.

You can download our Free 101 edition of Analytica.

You can download ADE User Guide from Analytica Downloads

For more information about ADE, please call (650) 212-1212 or email us at

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