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Analytica > Blogs > Using the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) from Python

Using the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) from Python

Today I interacted with an Analytica from Python, which for me was my first time doing so. To do so, I used the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE), which bundles the core Analytica engine as a Component Object Model (COM) component. On Python 3.6.1 side, I made use of the pywin32 module, which it turns out I already had installed. To verify that it was installed, from an Anaconda prompt I typed:

(base) C:UsersLonnie>conda list pywin32
# packages in environment at C:UsersLonnieAnaconda3:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
pywin32                   223              py36h9c10281_0    anaconda

If you don’t already have it, try: conda install pywin32
If you have an old version. try:  conda update pywin32

I started the python interpreter (I use the Spyder IDE) and here’s my first session:


I saw the Ade64.exe process terminate immediately after setting the ade variable to None. This session covers the basics, you can consult the ADE user guide for more details on using ADE and its API.

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