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Is it time to switch to an electric vehicle?

Can you save money by switching to an EV? Electric vehicle (EV) prices have been coming down and gas prices are skyrocketing. How do various vehicles compare in terms of total cost of ownership? 

Lumina has created a demo Analytica model that lets you select various cars to compare and explore how the relative costs vary depending on how far you drive and the future costs of gasoline and electricity. This model also allows for you to see the effects on your carbon footprint based on the current and future fossil fuel use by electricity generation by US state. Unlike other vehicle calculators, this one lets you look under the hood to see the model assumptions and structure.

Click through the model below, using Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) via desktop computers and let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom.

You can build models in Analytica on your Windows desktop — including within the Free Edition. Then you can share them instantly for colleagues or end users as web applications using ACP.

For more information on Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) click the links below:

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