Analytica Technology

Analytica was designed from the start to combine several key decision-technologies into a fully integrated, easy-to-use package. They include:

  • Visual influence diagrams to define and organize complex models into comprehensible modules;
  • Intelligent arrays™ to make it easy to manage models with multiple dimensions;
  • Monte Carlo simulation to analyze uncertainty and risk with speed and simplicity;
  • Optimization, including linear and nonlinear programming.

The technology underlying Analytica is based on a decade of research by decision analysts, computer scientists, and user-interface designers at Carnegie Mellon University, with support from the National Science Foundation.

See below for more details on each technology.


Influence Diagrams

Analytica’s influence diagrams let you create a model the way you think, show key elements of a decision problem, and communicate clearly with colleagues and clients.

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Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo simulation is a simple and efficient way to represent and analyze risk and uncertainty. It generates a random sample of values from each input probability distribution…

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Decision Analytics

Analytics tools yield zero value until they improve decisions. Decision analytics is about using insights from data to drive business decisions. It builds on descriptive…

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What’s Wrong With Spreadsheets

The spreadsheet was the first “killer app”, the application which led to millions of people buying their first personal computers in the early 1980s. Spreadsheets were a brilliant…

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Whether you are developing strategic plans or making day-to-day decisions, you often need to use estimates made by others.  We are all aware that nearly every estimate is laced…

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Probabilistic Forecast Libraries

Decision modelers and forecasters increasingly realize the advantage of probabilistic forecasts that explicitly represent the inevitable uncertainties in the form of probability…

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