Analytica Quickstart

Lumina offers a QuickStart Package to get you going with Analytica. This is a 4-hour package of consulting support conducted via email, phone and web-based meetings. It is valid for use at any time during the 12 months following purchase. You can take advantage of this before you purchase Analytica for in-depth evaluation assistance, or after your purchase to get a start on your model.

Many customers find this a valuable way to learn Analytica. If you already have a spreadsheet model, we can look at your spreadsheet and provide help on how to structure and design your model in Analytica, or if you are starting from “scratch”, you could describe the application and we can make suggestions. We can provide help with data analysis and statistics, how to express uncertainties, how to write functions, and we’ll review your model for improvements.

To purchase, please see our order page or call us at 650-212-1212.

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