With the release of Analytica 5.0, Lumina has moved to annual subscription-based licensing – in line with most software companies.

  • The price for a new annual subscription is the same as our previous price for that edition. See prices by edition.
  • The price to renew a subscription for subsequent years is 50% of the first-year price, before your previous subscription expires.
  • A subscription includes our acclaimed technical support as well as all major and minor upgrades. Previously, with current support, a major upgrade cost about 70% of a new license.
  • If you have a license with current support, you can upgrade your license free of charge to Analytica 5.0 to use until your support expires. This will give you time to evaluate 5.0.
  • There’s no change for Analytica Cloud Player and Cubeplan, which have always used subscription-based pricing.
  • You can order online a new subscription or renew an existing subscription.
  • If you have questions, need a quote, or wish to place an order, please call us at 650-212-1212 or email sales@Lumina.com
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