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The Analytica product line offers a full range of Editions to meet the needs of different users and applications.

  • All Editions run on Windows computers, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Window Server 2012 and later. Each Edition needs at least 1 GB RAM. We recommend 3 or 4 GB RAM to run large models.
  • Analytica also runs on Macintosh using Windows in VMWare, Parallels, or another virtual machine.
Free 101

Fully featured Analytica Professional limited to 101 objects

Professional Create, edit, run models, unlimited number of objects
Enterprise Analytica Professional, connects with databases, COM apps, large arrays; ability to lock/encrypt models
Optimizer Analytica Enterprise plus visual optimization for decisions, objectives, constraints, with solvers for LP and NLP
Cloud Platform​ (ACP) Run and modify Analytica models from other apps via an API. Create/edit models with a desktop edition, upload/run on a server
Decision Engine (ADE) Run Analytica models via a web browser for online collaboration. Create/edit models with a desktop edition, upload to ACP. Edit via web browser with ACP2
Free 101 Professional Enterprise Optimizer Cloud Platform (ACP) Decision Engine (ADE)
Run models, change inputs, compute results.
Create and edit models up to 101 objects

Normally, you create and edit models with a desktop edition of Analytica and upload to ACP. With ACP2, you can also edit models via web browser.

You create and edit models with a desktop edition. You can upload them and run them on a server.

Influence diagrams
Risk and uncertainty with Monte Carlo
Intelligent Arrays™
Function libraries, including maths, probability distributions, stats, financial, matrix, and more.​
Connect with databases
and COM​

Use ODBC with SQL to connect to any database, and COM (Component Object Model) to connect to other Windows applications.

Huge Arrays up to 100 million elements​

Array dimensions, including Run index for Monte Carlo sampling, limited only by available memory

Hide and encrypt sensitive data and algorithms.​

Save models and encrypt definitions that contain sensitive or proprietary data or algorithms.

Find optimal decision strategies with linear and nonlinear solvers.

Easily formulate problems with decision variables, objectives, and constraints, and apply linear or nonlinear solvers to find optimal solutions. You can also plug-in some of the most powerful solvers available, such as Optquest, Gurobi, and Knitro.

Available for additional Price

Available for additional Price

Access via web browser

You can write your own web UI to work with ADE

Application Programming Interface (API)

A COM API that lets other applications run Analytica models, compute results, and even modify the model. This lets other applications use Analytica as a powerful analytics engine, or provide a custom user interface.

Standard first year subscription Free download $995 $2,795 $4,995 See more info $12,000
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