Analytica for Education

As Analytica was designed by a professor (Max Henrion, when he was teaching at Carnegie Mellon) to improve the quality of decision modeling, it is an a ideal tool for learning the art and science of creating quantitative decision models. Influence diagrams encourage you to conceptualize complex problems the same way expert analysts do. First, you identify the key decisions, objectives, and uncertainties, and the influences among them, then you create the underlying mathematical structure.

Analytica in the Classroom

Analytica is used for teaching and research in leading universities around the world for teaching quantitative modeling and decision analysis.
Analytica Free 101 edition is well-suited for most classroom applications. Free 101 has all the functionality of Analytica Professional edition, except that it limits the size of models that can be built to 101 objects. We expect that this size will be more than sufficient for classroom work, but if not, you can contact us at for a full license. 

Buy Analytica for Educational Use

We offer a discount on all software purchased for academic use. You must be a student or faculty member at an accredited educational institution and use the software for educational or research purposes in conjunction with that institution. The educational license cannot be used for paid consulting or other commercial use. Buy Analytica for Education

Analytica for Research

Analytica models have been  used for the basis of hundreds of research articles. Lumina offers Analytica at about half price for funded research projects. If you are a student or faculty member at an accredited educational institution, you can purchase Analytica for research and other educational purposes in conjunction with that institution at special discounted prices

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