Cubeplan Benefits

Cubeplan is a modeling environment specifically designed to empower collaborative multi-dimensional planning. It is a unique graphical solution capable of modeling your entire business in a comprehensive way. With Cubeplan, you will be able to navigate the logic of your business, understanding variable influences, exploring results, and conducting “What if” analysis at every step you want.

Cubeplan handles multidimensional data cubes allowing you to create large scale models under compact formulations. This let you make changes in the model on the fly, add new dimensions to variables (such as products, regions, Business Units, etc.) and see how they propagate to financial statements. Working with a single tool in a flexible time environment will allow you to merge smoothly short time Budget Models with long run Strategic Business Plans.

With Cubeplan you will be able to create unlimited “What if” scenarios without rebuilding your models. Cubeplan models require exponentially fewer formulas than spreadsheets, reducing time spent on identifying errors (whenever realizing they exist!).

Cubeplan lets you create formulas in plain language, making models easier to understand, explain and audit. It allows you to collaborate on models with colleagues without the risks associated with spreadsheet modeling.

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