December 2018

Wishing all Analytica users and Lumina friends a happy holiday season and a very successful New Year!                                                   

From the team at Lumina.

Watch Max Henrion's Ramsay Medal Acceptance Talk

Max Henrion was awarded the 2018 Frank Ramsey Medal last month, the most prestigious award from the Decision Analysis Society — (see the October Newsletter.) A video of Max’s acceptance talk, “How did I get here?” is now on our Youtube channel. He examines whether his career was a series of deliberate decisions with a focused objective (helping people better manage uncertainty) —  or a random walk fueled by ADD. Professor Eric Bickel, President of the Decision Analysis Society, introduces Max, and cites the role of Analytica in bringing methods from decision analysis to a wider audience. Read the full citation.

Lumina welcomes Dan Violette as Director

Lumina is delighted to welcome Dan Violette as Consulting Director and to its Board of Directors. Dan recently retired as Managing Director of the Energy practice at Navigant Consulting, which uses Analytica extensively. He is a successful entrepreneur in software and consulting, including being a founder of Summit Blue Consulting (a company later acquired by Navigant). Dan is well-known as a leader in planning and analysis in the energy industry, especially energy efficiency and distributed energy resources. He brings a wealth of valuable experience to Lumina and will be a great asset in helping us realize our ambitious plans.

What to do when your Model Results are Ridiculous!

All modelers can empathize with the following: you’ve done your research, built a new model, and when you compute your major result, the output is wildly off from expectations. Demoralizing? Certainly. But, when you’ve reviewed your work and find no errors, you find yourself in a position to learn some really valuable insights from your unexpected results. Max shares one such instance in “What to do when your model results are ridiculous?

First Online Training Held in December

Along with Rob Brown III, Max Henrion and Kim Mullins delivered the first remote Analytica training via webconference to a group interested in financial modeling using Analytica instead of Excel. Typically, the in-person training runs for two full days; the online training spread the 16-hours over four mornings, complete with demonstrations, exercises, and Q&A session. Let us know if you or your organization would be interested in such a training.

Tips & Tricks: Jump Between Matching Parens

Have you ever lost track of a closing parens? Discovering an expression won’t compute because you have more open than closed braces, brackets, or parens is a perennial problem for model builders. In Analytica, you can jump between matching sets of any enclosing punctuation: place your cursor to the outside of the brace, bracket, or paren and press CTRL+ALT+Left or +Right to jump to the enclosing character that makes the match!

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