December 2019

Climate change & energy transition – Can DA help?

Lumina CEO Max Henrion moderates a panel of decision experts in this Society of Decision Professionals (SDP) webinar on a controversial and critical topic. 

A growing recognition of the need to decarbonize our economies plus the stunning drop in costs of solar, wind, batteries, and other low-carbon technologies promise increasing disruption for traditional energy industries — including oil and gas, electric utilities, and automobiles. How imminent are the threats and opportunities of the energy transition? Some of these companies were successful early adopters of decision analysis. How can decision analysis help them avoid getting stranded and find successful new roles?

Click on the file below to listen in on the presentation.

Node Color Choices Bloom for Analytica 5.3

Placing industry-standard colors aside, Lumina analyst Ben Filstrup set out to find color palettes and border types that would make Analytica even more productive as a visual modeling tool. Follow his journey to the Viridis color spectrum and see examples of the new clarity of Analytica models.

New Book - Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

This just-released Spanish-language textbook from Professor Jorge Muro Arbulú is a great contemporary look at how to utilize quantitative model-based methods for complex decisions. Proficiency in quantitative methods is not about advanced mathematics, statistics, or computer science – a focus of most other textbooks. The most important core skills involve breaking down real-life situations into well-defined variables and influences, expressing belief as probability, and knowing how to apply specific types of analyses in pragmatic situations.

The book emphasizes these deeper skills and uses concrete examples to show how to build a model as an influence diagram and how to use multidimensional arrays to capture data complexity without increasing model complexity. A series of workable exercises provides comprehensive coverage of relevant topics. An English-language version will be released later in 2020.  The book is available via PayPal for $90.  If interested, contact the author. ⇛ click on Contactame

Lumina seeks Senior Consultant

Lumina is growing. We are looking to add a Senior Consultant, with experience in working with clients and building decision-support tools, especially for applications in energy and environment. If you think you could be a good fit, please drop us a line at

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