About Lumina


Lumina develops and disseminates innovative technologies that help individuals and organizations make effective decisions. Lumina pursues this goal in two ways:

  1. By developing and marketing advanced software for decision support.
  2. By providing consulting, contract research, and seminars to help organizations make more effective use of decision-support tools

Lumina’s flagship software product, Analytica®, is a quantitative decision-support environment that helps people visualize problems with a clarity and power far beyond what is possible in a spreadsheet. Existing applications of Analytica include strategic planning, R&D management, decision analysis, and risk analysis in finance, healthcare, energy, environment, aerospace, and telecommunications. Analytica is being used in major corporations, consulting firms, universities, and government agencies, on six continents. Check out our Customer List for a sample of our clients.

Lumina consultants work closely with clients to develop models of the complex and uncertain environment faced by their organizations. The focus of these models is to provide insight into what matters and why as a basis for justified and confident decisions. Lumina helps decision makers and experts to represent their objectives and knowledge in intuitive yet rigorous graphical forms. Using Analytica and other tools, we develop quantitative models with a speed and flexibility unavailable with conventional modeling tools. Typically, we help clients arrive at clarity and consensus for immediate decisions, and provide them with a decision-support system for continuing use for their future decisions. The Lumina team brings to bear extensive experience in decision analysis, risk analysis, operations research, software engineering, and knowledge-based expert systems.

Lumina also provides tutorials and seminars in decision analysis, risk analysis, and artificial intelligence. We have presented invited tutorials at national meetings of The Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS), the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), and at numerous corporations and government agencies.

Lumina is committed to continuing research and development to bring innovative decision technologies to individuals and organizations. Recently developed products include Web-based tools for personal and collaborative decision making.

Lumina Decision Systems, Inc., was founded in 1991 by Max Henrion and Brian Arnold. To meet the needs of demanding projects, Lumina often assembles virtual organizations bringing in complementary expertise and resources from affiliated organizations, small and large. Its main office and R&D labs are located in Los Gatos in California’s Silicon Valley.

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