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UI Customization

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How do I adjust the font and font size for the UI text boxes below the canvas (e.g., Definition)?

I found where to switch between a predetermined fixed and nonfixed font, and change syntax coloring, but would like to increase the font size (and select my own font) in the Definition window. (I also found where to customize nodes on the canvas, but this is for the text boxes where the scripting is written).

Thanks in advance.

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You can toggle between small font size - 10 point -  and large - 13 point - in the attribute pane, object window and table cells using the Preferences dialog from the Edit menu. Use the setting Large text in attributes & tables. 

If you want more control you can set the AttributeFontSize and TableFontSize attributes in the Typescript window. For instance, to set the attribute font size (in the attribute pane and object window only) to 14 point:

  • Press Ctrl+' (Control + single quote) or F12 (Function Key 12) to open the typescript window.
  • Then enter


  • Note that this is a user preference rather than a model setting, and applies to all models for this user.


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