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[Solved] Module node hidden on Cloud Platform but visible when editing?

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The top-level diagram of my model is an end-user User Interface, with user input and user output nodes and a couple buttons.  I then have a module node named "Module details" that contains the implementation of the model. 

Is there a way to hide the "Module details" node when the model is being used by an end user after I publish it to the Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP)?  How would I do that?

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Yes! In your model, go to Object -> Attributes... -> and check Cloud Platform Styles and press OK. Then click on your module and open up its object window. You should now see the Cloud Platform Styles attribute. In this attribute, enter the following: Show_Object: no. That's it! For more info on this attribute and related features, I recommend the following Analytica wiki page:


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I see a removed link. I think it should be:  AcpStyles attribute Node level settings.

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