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How to hyperlink to result graphs, tables, or object windows from a Description

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Just wanted to share something that I've been finding useful in Analytica 6.0. In a Description of a variable or UDF, or in text that appears on a diagram, you can insert a hyperlink to another object's Object window, Result graph, Result table, Edit table, or open a specified Diagram.  One new use of this I like a lot is to link to examples in the Description of a UDF. I'll include an example in a variable hidden away in my library, and in the description when describing how to use it, I'll say "click here to see an example" and have it open the example's result graph or table. 

You'll see some examples of this in the new Sparkline library

When you click on the link, it opens a result table showing the usage.

To set up this hyperlink while editing, just select the text, right-click and select Add/Edit Hyperlink. Select eval in link to.  And then use the ShowWindowfunction to open the desired window.

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