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[Solved] Displaying B for billion, µ for micro

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The What's new in Analytica 6.0? page says that you can now configure the suffix number format to print B for billion and/or µ for millionth (instead of G and u). But you have do use typescript to do it. Can you show me the typescript command to set this? And could somebody put together a library with a UI for doing this?

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On the wiki page for NumberFormat, with Release=6.0 selected at the top, it says that item 18 is «GigaOrMuSuffixChars» and specifies with to use using the characters B, G, u or µ. So to use µ for micro, from the Typescript window I did this:

Sys_DefaultNumberFmt = '2,D,4,2,0,0,4,0,$,0,"ABBREV",0'

Sys_DefaultNumberFmt>Sys_DefaultNumberFmt : 2,D,4,2,0,0,4,0,$,0,"ABBREV",0,,,,,,µ

I counted the commas to make sure I was setting item 18. On my keyboard (an international layout) I was able to type the µ by holding the right-Alt key and pressing m. I'm also able to type it by holding down either Alt key as I type +B5.  These input method may vary depending on which keyboard you use.

I tested on the sample result view for

if bernoulli(0.5) then Uniform(1µ,1m) else Uniform(1B,1T)

To set both B for billions and µ for millionths, the typescript would be:

Sys_DefaultNumberFmt : 2,D,4,2,0,0,4,0,$,0,"ABBREV",0,,,,,,Bµ

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Here is a library with a GUI for configuring the suffix characters to use.

To use, select File / Add Module...  (or Add Library...) and embed. Then enter the library and select which suffix characters you prefer from the choices.

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