Water & Ocean Resources

With climate change affecting our natural resources, how we handle water and ocean resources has become more important than ever. Analytica is being used across the board by government agencies, universities, leading research institutions and companies. Below are a few industry-specific examples of important models that have been created in Analytica.

Rigs to Reef

Offshore oil in California is highly controversial. But, Lumina’s decision model on decommissioning oil platforms led to consensus for “rigs to reefs”.

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Can we eat methane? 

Methanotrophic bacteria may be able to both replace fishmeal and provide incentivize to capture potent greenhouse gases that are directly emitted into the atmosphere.

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How much water do we have?

The supply of water has been a community debate. Analytica was used to model water supply and demand, contributing to the St. Helena’s approval of new water usage policies.

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Neuse Estuary

Cleaning up the Neuse Estuary

Pollutants affect water quality and growth of toxic micro-organisms. This models helps policymakers set safe levels nitrogen to ensure the survival of shellfish and fish.

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Reducing flood risk in Ho Chi Minh City

After a devastating flood in Ho Chi Minh City, the World Bank used Analytica to develop a robust strategy to help the city manage and reduce risks of future flooding.

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Are farmed salmon safe to eat?

By comparing the risks and health benefits of farmed salmon, Finnish analysts show that eating farmed salmon is much healthier than eating beef and other animal proteins.

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beluga whale

Do Inuit hunters threaten whale populations?

Population variance, whale fertility and mortality in the absence of hunting are considered in this Analytica model to evaluate the risk to whale populations.

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Rehab for a River Ecosystem

Rivers tamed by artificial channels, dikes, and levees to reduce flooding, often damage habitats. Researchers created IRRM to find the best way to rehabilitate river ecosystems.

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Water & Ocean Resources Clients

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