Lumina Consulting Case Studies

Lumina’s consulting team helps organizations build and use effective decision tools using Analytica. We can help you get started, converting legacy spreadsheets into Analytica and coaching your analysts. Or we can build a custom analytics application for you directly. Below are a a few case studies of tools we have built for our customers. Many of these focus on energy and environmental analytics. We have a small team of experienced decision analysts and model builders — who naturally are masters of Analytica. We also have a stable of affiliate consultants around the world with special skills and experience in particular domains. Please contact us at Lumina if you would like to learn more about what we can do for you.

Building Electrification: Heat Pump Technology for California Homes

Lumina set out to build a useful tool to assess the benefits of heat pumps. Learn more about heat pumps and their impact.

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ANAGRAM: Using Risk-Spend Efficiency to Help Gas Utilities Reduce the Risk of Leaks and Explosions

Learn about the  decision-support web application named ANAGRAM – Analytica for Natural Gas Risk Analysis and Management

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Helping DOE Decide Which R&D Projects to Fund

See the rationale that is being used to prioritize which technologies and industries receive attention due to their abilities to have the largest impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the US.

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The Future of Electricity in the US Pacific Northwest

See how the region plans to meet its aggressive carbon emission targets while ensuring that utilities can provide economic and reliable power. 

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Are cows worse than cars for greenhouse gas?

Turns out that methane from farm animals generates more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, trucks, trains, and planes combined.

More » A Hub for Energy Numbers

An open, online platform for exploring and sharing of key data on performance and costs of energy technologies.

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An integrated assessment of acid rain

How effective was the Clean Air Act at improving air quality and reducing acid rain? The NAPAP developed an integrated environmental assessment model to help answer such questions.

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Managing R&D at WL Gore

W.L. Gore & Associates, developer of GORE-TEX® fabrics, use Analytica to assess the technical and market risks and revenues of their portfolio of R&D projects. 

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Reducing Time and Cost for NASA Space Shuttle Mission

NASA applied Analytica’s risk-analysis features to help ground-operations reduce the time and cost to ready the space shuttle for the next mission.

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Marketing Evolution Leverages Analytica for Decision Analytics

Marketing Evolution created an online ACP decision support tool to help their clients allocate their marketing budgets among media campaigns.

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Ask Jeeves Decision Advisor

An intelligent consumer and small business advisor – helping hundreds of thousands of customers choose the VISA credit and debit cards that best suit their needs.

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The future of coal in South Africa

The Coal Roadmap study used Analytica to model the coal value chain under several possible future scenarios to assess the impact on the economy and environment.

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