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The energy industry is changing more rapidly than it has in many decades with the advent of new energy technologies and the start of our transition to a more sustainable World.  Analytica is playing an important role in evaluating these technologies and policies comprehensively — in terms of economics, environment, and energy security.  

With these changes come inevitable uncertainties in energy prices, technology costs, demand, and environmental impacts. Energy analysts are using Analytica’s integrated tools for uncertainty to help them quantify and manage these risks. Analytica is being used across the entire spectrum of energy, from power companies, oil & gas companies, small and large energy consultants, to universities, NGOs, and government.

Building Electrification: Heat Pump Technology for California Homes

Lumina set out to build a useful tool to assess the benefits of heat pumps. Learn more about heat pumps and their impact.

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The Future of Electricity in the US Pacific Northwest

See how the region plans to meet its aggressive carbon emission targets while ensuring that utilities can provide economic and reliable power. 

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ANAGRAM: Using Risk-Spend Efficiency to Help Gas Utilities Reduce the Risk of Leaks and Explosions

Learn about the  decision-support web application named ANAGRAM – Analytica for Natural Gas Risk Analysis and Management

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Helping DOE Decide Which R&D Projects to Fund

See the rationale that is being used to prioritize which technologies and industries receive attention due to their abilities to have the largest impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the US.

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The future of coal in South Africa

The Coal Roadmap study used Analytica to model the coal value chain under several possible future scenarios to assess the impact on the economy and environment.

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Savings from shifting electricity load to off-peak

This open-source Analytica tool evaluates the cost-effectiveness of load-shifting technologies, including batteries and thermal cooling.

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Helping Global Companies Purchase Electricity Sustainably

Most large organizations try to procure electricity from renewable sources to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. See how some are weighing their options. 

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Bechtel SAIC

Analytica was selected to evaluate life-cycle costs for the proposed radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain, NV, after comparing it with 12 other software tools. 

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Optimizing pricing for natural gas distribution

BG Group developed an Analytica model to optimize pricing for natural gas. Leading gas distributors in Brazil and India are now using the tool.

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From Controversy to Consensus: California’s Offshore Oil…

Offshore oil in California is highly controversial. But, Lumina’s decision model on decommissioning oil platforms led to consensus for “rigs to reefs”.

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Helping Tucson Electric Power meet Renewable Portfolio Standards

Navigant Consulting created RE-Sim™, an Analytica model, to help TEP plan how to add generating capacity from renewable sources.

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Relocatable Classroom

The importance analysis features in Analytica helped designers determine where to spend their design time, leading to building designs with reduced environmental impact.

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Electrical Energy Storage Valuation Tool

Analytica was used to build an energy storage modeling application to evaluate the costs and benefits of various storage technologies.

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RFF Haiku

What is the effect of current and proposed economic and environmental regulations? The Haiku model is used by organizations in the electric power market to forecast these effects.

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A Campus Microgrid with CHP

Is adding more photovoltaics to UCSD’s microgrid technically feasible and cost-effective? E3 Consulting created a dispatch optimization tool to evaluate this question.

More » A Hub for Energy Numbers

An open, online platform for exploring and sharing of key data on performance and costs of energy technologies.

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