Analytica is used for teaching and research in many leading universities. Professors find it an ideal tool for students to learn the science and art of building effective decision models. Its visual influence diagrams encourage students to conceptualize complex problems in the same way as expert modelers, without getting bogged down in detailed of cell formulas. Its Intelligent Arrays(tm) help them start out simple and then add detail as and when needed.  

We offer Analytica at about half-price for funded research. Analytica in the Classroom provides Analytica free for use in teaching.

Relocatable Classroom

The importance analysis features in Analytica helped designers determine where to spend their design time, leading to building designs with reduced environmental impact.

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Rehab for a River Ecosystem

Rivers tamed by artificial channels, dikes, and levees to reduce flooding, often damage habitats. Researchers created IRRM to find the best way to rehabilitate river ecosystems.

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Neuse Estuary

Cleaning up the Neuse Estuary

Pollutants affect water quality and growth of toxic micro-organisms. This models helps policymakers set safe levels nitrogen to ensure the survival of shellfish and fish.

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Integrated Climate Assessment Model

Possibly the most sophisticated environmental model created with Analytica, the ICAM model has generated a wide range of valuable insights into how to adapt to global climate change.

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Education Clients

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