September 2020

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What’s new in Analytica 5.4?

Analytica 5.4 introduces syntax coloring to help you notice and avoid typos and syntax errors. It uses different colors for global and local variables, keywords, text values, comments, undefined names. It also shows a squiggly red line under syntax errors. It also introduces Exceedance probability graphs, widely used in cybersecurity risk analysts and others as an alternative to Cumulative probability distributions. These improvements build on the huge number of enhancements in Analytica 5.0. As usual, if you have a current subscription, you should have already been prompted for the update. For details, see What’s new in Analytica 5.4?

Teach Modeling with Analytica

Many professors prefer Analytica to Excel for teaching modeling skills: When students draw influence diagrams it gets them thinking about the key conceptual issues in structuring a problem — to clarify the decisions, objectives, uncertainties, and data — before the details of numbers and formulas. Professors and students can use Analytica Free 101 at no cost. Contact for more. We also offer large discounts on higher editions to universities and membership non-profits.

Analytica Training

Working from home? It’s an ideal time to sharpen your modeling skills using Analytica with an online training course. You get four mornings of classes, hands-on exercises, and Q&A – plus feedback and coaching on your own models. Sign up for one of the remaining places for the next session Monday to Thursday, September 21st to 24th. Get a 25% discount for two or more from the same organization. Email or call Geoffrey Fong at 650 212-1212 ext 1 for details.

The Business Analysis Lifecycle

It’s Elementary!  Teaching First Grade from Lumina

Like many students across the US, kids at AIMS K-12 charter school are attending Fall classes remotely. And Leonard Charles IV taught his first-grade class from Lumina’s conference room. AIMS in Oakland, California, is a pretty amazing school — the 2020 School of the Year for Northern California of 1,306 charter schools in California. The Hart Vision Awards recognized AIMS for “defying the odds and closing the achievement gap for traditionally underserved students of color from low-income families and neighborhoods. … AIMS has proven that underserved students can compete academically with the best, when given adequate support and resources.“ One of those resources is Leonard — who teaches martial arts as well as English and Math. While his students might not be ready for Analytica quite yet, Lumina is pleased and proud to be able to offer Leonard our conference room and net connection.

Lumina is hiring!!

Lumina is growing again! We are looking for a Senior Energy Consultant, Associate Analyst, and Software Developer.

For details see Jobs at Lumina.

1350 Dell Ave. Suite 107

Campbell, CA 95008

(+1) 650-212-1212

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