February 2019

Analytica Enthusiasts!

This newsletter highlights key happenings at Lumina from the past month or two. For tips, informal demos, and some of our thoughts on effective modeling, also check out the Lumina blog.

Analytica 5.2 Beta Available

Our development team is excited to announce that Analytica 5.2 is now available in beta. Anyone with an active Analytica 5 subscription is invited to be a beta tester. Learn more about the new features here, and get a copy of the beta software here. Let us know your favorite improvements or new features!

Lumina named a Top 10 Risk Management Solution Provider​

Mirror Review, a publication that showcases innovation in technology and entrepreneurship, has named Lumina as one of the en most trusted risk management solution providers! The article highlights both the speed with which risk managers can build useful models, and, the range of industries and types of risk for which Analytica is used. Read the full review here.

Max Henrion, Dan Violette at DAAG 2019

Both Max and Dan are featured speakers at DAAG 2019, the Society of Decision Professionals’ annual conference. In addition to co-chairing the Energy Miniconference, Max will participate in a fireside chat with Warner North on EPA and Science in Energy Policy. Dan will contribute his expertise on a panel on leveraging data to make great decisions. The 2019 conference will be held March 5 to 8th in Denver, CO with the theme Data + Decisions.

Analytica Tips: Units Conversion Library (This is not a British Thermal Unit!)

Did you know that the USA is the only country to use Btu (British thermal units)? Even Brits (like Lumina CEO, Max Henrion) don’t use them any more. If you find yourself having to convert from Btu to  gigajoules, or feet to kilometers, or US gallons of gasoline equivalent (GGE) to kilowatt-hours (KWh), you’ll find the Units conversion library very handy. It saves you from having to look up these conversion constants. Using Units_factor() function makes your model more transparent — instead of just embedding obscure conversion numbers in your Definitions. You can even adjust for inflation to convert from nominal to real dollars.  Look on the Analytica wiki for more details and to download the library.

Max Henrion to speak at PM Conference​

The Annual Probability Management Conference: Applications of Probability Management will be held in San Jose on March 26-27th. On Wednesday, March 27th Max will be speaking on Long-range Probabilistic Forecasts of US Energy Use and Prices.You can register here.

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