Rob Brown

Robert D. Brown III is the President of Incite! Decision Technologies LLC (, a consultancy supporting senior decision-makers facing complex, high-risk opportunities. These opportunities usually include strategic planning, project selection, planning & risk management, and project portfolio analysis & management. Robert’s twenty-plus-year career has been devoted to providing solutions to clients’ complex problems by employing creative thinking and advanced quantitative business, engineering, and systems analysis. His client experience spans diverse industrial and commercial fields including petroleum & chemicals, energy, utilities, supply chain & logistics, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, IT, commercial real estate, federal agencies, and education. Through Incite!, Robert delivers analysis, decision support tools and systems, and training in decision-making and risk management with the goal to help his clients measure the value and the risk associated with the important decisions they face in order to make informed trade-offs and choices. He has also been a regular Analytica training resource for Lumina for over a decade. Robert graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering.

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