Analytica in the Classroom - Teaching the art and science of modeling

Professors find Analytica an ideal tool for teaching the art and science of modeling – because its influence diagrams and Intelligent Arrays encourage users to think at a higher conceptual level without getting bogged down in the mechanics of spreadsheet cells. Teachers and students can use Analytica as part of a scheduled class. We ask in return that you give us feedback on how you used Analytica, and share any relevant curriculum, exercises, or tips that might be useful for other classes.

If your model uses 101 objects or less, you can simply have your students download Analytica Free 101. If your model uses more than 101 objects, or if you would like a 6-month trial of Analytica Optimizer, please contact us at

Note: if you want to use Analytica for educational use or research, or want another edition of Analytica, you can order these at educational prices.

Why is Analytica good for teaching modeling?

Professors find Analytica encourages students to attend to the big picture – drawing visual influence diagrams to show the decisions, objectives, uncertainties and their relationships – without getting bogged down in spreadsheet cells. More

How do I learn more about Analytica?

Attend a free webinar for a live demo and time for Q&A. To sign up please email us

Start using the Analytica Free 101 edition.

For information on using Analytica for research and other educational purposes see our educational order page.

How do I apply for a full license for my class?

Please follow these simple steps:

1: Submit Information about your class

Contact us at with information about your class, including:

1. Name of course

2. Number of participants

3. Beginning and ending dates of the course

4. Your name, title and institution

2: Submit signed license agreement

Complete, sign and email the Faculty Qualification form to

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