Analytica 4.6 beta available

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The first beta release of Analytica 4.6 and ADE is now available. This kicks off the beta testing cycle for this next release of Analytica and ADE. To see a list of new enhancements,

visit What’s New in Analytica 4.6?

Be a beta tester

We invite you to be a beta tester, and here is what we ask of you:

  • You should have an internet connection. Beta licenses are automatically activated over the internet and the software needs to check for new builds so it can alert you when new builds become available.
  • Sign up as a beta tester by filling out the User Info form in the installer.
  • During the beta testing period, always keep up-to-date with the latest beta build.
  • Report bugs that you encounter to us (  Include your model and steps required to reproduce problem with each bug report.
  • Have patience if problems arise during the beta cycle.
  • Start using the final release when the beta testing period ends.

As a beta tester, you can make sure that your existing models work flawlessly in the new release, and if there is a problem you can let us know while there is still time for us to fix it. That way, you can have confidence that you and your model users will have no trouble transitioning to the new release. You can start using or just previewing the newest features. If you do find and report bugs to us, the next build is just around the corner, so you get fast turn-around.


If you are already an Analytica user with active support, the beta installer obtains a beta license for your same edition (Professional, Enterprise or Optimizer).  If you are not yet an Analytica user, or if you are an existing user but your support is not active, we invite you to beta test the Analytica Free 101 edition.

Keeping Analytica 4.5 installed

You do not need to uninstall Analytica 4.5 or earlier releases when you install 4.6 beta. It is a good idea to keep them both installed, making it easy to go back if you need to, or to compare results in both.  When you double-click on a *.ana file to launch it, it will launch in the most recently installed version.

New features

The list of new features is at What’s New in Analytica 4.6? A few of the highlights are:

  • MultiTables: These allow you to present multiple inputs, edit tables, and read-only computed results in a single table view.
  • Use of COM automation objects from your model, enabling integration with myriads of windows based applications (Enterprise & Optimizer editions).
  • Spreadsheet functions (for reading and writing from Excel workbooks) can now be used from Professional and Free 101 editions.
  • OnClick and OnChange event handlers, for buttons and input variables. Use buttons even from Professional and Free 101 editions.
  • Extensive graphing enhancements, including
    • Use of color to depict the value of a categorical result
    • Waterfall stacking for bar graphs
    • Manual axis scaling of categorical dimensions
    • Associating a color sequence with an index, in every graph in the model using that index as the color key.
  • Hyperlinks to input nodes, output nodes, aliases, or the original variable from the input/output popups of a node.
  • Helpful links to help on the Analytica Wiki from many places in the UI.

There are many others (see What’s New in Analytica 4.6?) in addition to bug fixes and speed-ups.

A waterfall chart, a variant of stacked bar chart, provides a depiction of net cumulation.

Download and installation

The download links to the installers for the most recent beta build for Analytica and ADE are on the Beta Tester Page.  Download, run it, and follow the instructions.

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