Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Sessions

An ACP session is consumed when browsing Analytica models on the cloud. Browsing several models during the same ACP login session usually consumes only one ACP session. (One ACP session is technically defined to be 1 CPU Minute; we are not enforcing this yet, but do reserve the rights to do so in the future.)

An ACP session is also consumed when the person you send an invite to browses your model on the Analytica cloud.

  • An ACP group account includes 500 sessions per month.
  • When you sign up for an Individual ACP account, your account will be loaded with 25 free sessions. If you are an Analytica user with active Maintenance and Technical Support, you will also receive 25 sessions every month at no charge.
  • Unused monthly sessions expire at the end of each month (on the date you originally opened the account). Group Accounts will start each month with 500 sessions, and Individual accounts will start each new month with 25 new monthly sessions (plus any remaining free sessions).
  • If you expect to use more session sessions than those included monthly with your account, sessions may be purchased here Buy ACP Sessions. Purchased sessions don't expire, and are consumed only after free/monthly sessions are all used.

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