Why Analytica?

Why Analytica?

If you use spreadsheets for building business models or policy analysis, Analytica will be a revelation:

  • Intuitive influence diagrams let you create a model the way you think, and communicate clearly with colleagues and clients
  • Intelligent Arrays™ let you create and manage multidimensional tables with an ease and reliability unknown in spreadsheets
  • Efficient Monte Carlo lets you quickly evaluate risk and uncertainty, and find out what variables really matter and why

How do you find out whether Analytica is for you? We invite you to explore the pages below. We’ve designed them to answer your questions about Analytica as rapidly as possible. See case studies of applications. Then try it yourself with our Free Edition.


What is Analytica?

Analytica allows you to break free of complex spreadsheets and bring clarity to difficult decisions.

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analytica users

What Users Say

“The Analytica modeling platform is nothing short of genius.” Cory Welch

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What Reviewers Say

Get real reviews from respected sources. Find out why Analytica is the modeling platform of choice…

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Who Uses Analytica?

Analytica is used within most sectors of the economy to help make decisions about the most complex and challenging issues  facing our times…

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Sign up for a Live Web Demo

Sign-up for a live demo to Analytica in action. Ask questions about your own project and get helpful answers from an Analytica expert…

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Video Introduction to Analytica

Watch and learn! Analytica videos cover a range of topics. You’ll be building your first model in no time.

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Researchers at top universities and think tanks

from around the World have published books and 100s of articles in major journals based on Analytica Models.

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