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Analytica Downloads

To download releases prior to 4.6 (4.5, 4.4, 4.3...), visit the Analytica Downloads Archive

To download the Analytica 4.6 installer, select the version of Analytica to download according to whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Windows Operating System.

AnaSetup.exe To download installer for Analytica 32-bit

Ana64Setup.exe To download installer for Analytica 64-bit

These installers include the Analytica Tutorial, User Guide, and Optimizer Guide as PDF documents. The current release is 4.6.1.

You won't need an activation code for the Analytica Free 101 edition.  If you have purchased Analytica, you should receive an email with a code to activate it as your purchased edition (Professional, Enterprise, Optimizer). If you cannot find an email with an activation code, please contact Lumina at or (+01)-650-212-1212.

For a floating license you will need the name of the server computer running the Reprise License Manager (RLM). Contact your IT or software license admin if needed.

See below to download ADE (Analytica Decision Engine).

User Guides for Analytica

There docs are all included as PDF files all Analytica editions when you install Analytica. Or you can download them here.

Analytica Tutorial

Analytica User's Guide

Analytica Optimizer Guide

You will need Adobe® Reader®, available for free from Adobe, to view the PDF documents.

ADE: Analytica Decision Engine

AdeSetup.exe Installer for ADE 4.6.1 for 32-bit OS.

Ade64Setup.exe Installer for ADE 4.6.1 for 64-bit OS.

You will need an ADE license to run it. The ADE installer should be run from a Windows admin account.

These downloads also include the ADE Tutorial and Developer Guide. 

User Guide for ADE

The ADE User Guide is on-line on the Analytica Wiki.

A PDF of the ADE User Guide is also bundled with the ADE installer: 

ADE User Guide (PDF)

Computer needs

Windows OS: Analytica and ADE run on Microsoft Windows OS, including Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server, XP, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Recommended RAM: It runs fine on a computer with 1GB RAM.  With 32-bit Windows OS,  Analytica (like most Windows applications) can use up to 3GB RAM out of 4GB RAM. For large models or large Monte Carlo sample sizes, it’s helpful to have more RAM. In that case, we recommend a 64-bit Windows OS, with 8GB RAM or more.

The downloadable Analytica installer is under 24MB. When installed, it takes up to 55MB on your hard disk, including Analytica application, solver, documents, example models and libraries.

Screen size: It's  helpful to have a large screen if you want to build or view large models, especially if you want also to see related documents or spreadsheets.

Macintosh: Sadly, Analytica does not run on Macintosh OS. But, it does run nicely on a Macintosh, using Parallels or VMWare to run Windows. (Max Henrion, the originator of Analytica and CEO of Lumina, runs it like that on his Macbook Air.)

In the cloud: You can instantly publish your models via the Analytica Cloud Player. This lets people run or review your models via a web browser with no software to download.