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Renew Support

To renew or extend your support, enter the information below to identify your existing Analytica or ADE license. After your license is located in our database, you will be able to select the number of years of support you would like to add.

For assistance, please call us at (650) 212-1212 extension 2 or email us at

Email Address*    
License ID*  
You can find your License ID from inside Analytica. Select the Update License... dialog from the Help Menu. You can copy/paste it from the License field.
* means that the field is required.

What you get with active support

  • Free technical support by email. See the support section for details.
  • Free patches and upgrades to minor releases (e.g. 4.5 to 4.6).
  • Discounted prices for major upgrades (eg. 4.5 to 5.0)
  • Edit access to the Analytica Wiki
  • Free attendance to Analytica User Group webinars
  • 25 free sessions per month in ACP

Price to renew support

The price to renew support and maintenance for a year is about 25% of the software price. If you renew it before it expires, it's only about 20%.  Use the form above to get an exact quote.

The table below displays the cost of renewing support for a year before it expires:

Standard Support Renewal
Analytica Professional
$ 245
Analytica Enterprise
$ 695
Analytica Optimizer
$ 1,245
Analytica Power Player
$ 245
Analytica Power Player /w Optimizer
$ 495
Analytica Decision Engine (ADE)
$ 3,000
Analytica Decision Engine /w Optimizer
$ 4,000