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Analytica Free 101 in the Classroom: A Teaching Tool

Analytica Free 101 edition is well-suited for classroom applications. Free 101 has all the functionality of Analytica Professional edition, except that it limits the size of models that can be built to 101 objects. We expect that this size will be more than sufficient for classroom work.

Why is Analytica good for teaching modeling?

Professors find Analytica encourages students to attend to the big picture - drawing visual influence diagrams to show the decisions, objectives, uncertainties and their relationships - without getting bogged down in spreadsheet cells. More.

How do I learn more about Analytica?

Attend a free webinar with a live demo for Q&A. To sign up please email us

Start using the Analytica Free 101 edition.

For information on using Analytica for research and other educational purposes see our educational order page.

Another Option: Free Professional Licenses by Term

In the unlikely event that you feel 101 objects will not be sufficient for your curriculum, you can register for full Professional licenses by semester (or quarter) through the "Analytica in the Classroom" program.