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Analytica Editions

The Analytica product line offers a full range of Editions to meet the needs of different users and applications.

  • All Editions run on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Window Server 2003 and later. Each Edition needs at least 1 GB RAM. We recommend 3 or 4 GB RAM to run large models.
  • It also runs fine on a Macintosh running Windows in VMWare, Parallels, or another virtual machine.

» For Model Builders

» For Model End Users

For Model Builders

These editions let you create and edit models, as well as run existing models. You can make your models available to others to run and review using any of the Editions for Model End Users. See comparison table of these editions.

Analytica Free 101 gives you the full features of Analytica Professional to build models with up to 101 variables and other objects. And it costs nothing! You can also use it to run larger models with more than 101 objects. With these models you can review the model in Browse model: You can change inputs and generate results, but not edit formulas or add objects. If you create larger models with a higher edition, you can distribute them to end users who can run them with Free 101. Free download

Analytica Professional offers full Analytical functionality, including the ability to create models with any number of variables and other user-defined objects, and edit and save models, except for features specific to the Enterprise Edition.  Order here

Analytica Enterprise offers all the functionality of Analytica Professional, plus your model can read from and write to Excel spreadsheets and databases, use Huge Arrays (up to 100 million elements per Index dimension), apply the Profiler to see computational effort by variable, create Browse-only models, and encrypt confidential model elements. Order here

Analytica Optimizer finds optimal decision strategies subject to constraints and solves simultaneous equations. It provides powerful solvers to discover the decisions that maximize expected value, minimize cost, or optimize any quantified objective. It offers linear programming (LP), quadratic programs, mixed integer programs (MIP), and non-linear programming, with smooth or discontinuous functions. Analytica's structured optimization makes it easy to formulate problems and automatically chooses the best solver engine. End users can run models with the Power Player,  ADE, or Analytica Cloud Player with the Optimizer option (see below). Order here

For Model End Users

These editions let you make your models available to end users who wish to review models, change inputs, and generate results, but do not need to create or edit models. See comparison table of these editions.

The Analytica Free 101 edition allows you to browse and run a model of any size, and it's free!  You can view diagrams and variables, change inputs, compute results and save the model with your input values. You cannot evaluate functions that require the Enterprise or Optimizer editions, or use huge arrays in which the length of a dimension or same size exceeds 30,000. You cannot change the internals of a model containing more than 101 user objects.

Analytica Power Player, like Free 101, let's you browse models, view diagrams and variables, change inputs, and generate results, but does not let you create or edit models. It also lets you save changes and use Enterprise features, including accessing databases, Huge Arrays, and add the Optimizer. Order here

Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) lets users interact with models via a web browser. It provides a similar user interface to Analytica Player with several enhancements. Users can view models including influence diagrams, change inputs, and view result tables and graphs. Users can log in and save their own versions of models. To create an ACP application, you create the model with Analytica on the desktop, and then upload it onto a server with a couple of clicks. ACP provides a way for users to share, review, and run models. It also lets you rapidly create analytic cloud applications harnessing the full power of Analytica. Order here

All Analytica users with active Analytica support can share their models on ACP at no cost for up to 25 sessions per month. You can also buy a Group Plan (Basic or Premium) that lets multiple users upload, review, and run models in shared project directories. ACP licenses can also be purchased to run on your organization's servers.

Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) runs Analytica models on a server computer. ADE provides an API (Application Programming Interface) through which other applications can access and run models. ADE supports all models created in Analytica Enterprise, including ODBC database access. The ADE license lets you run ADE on one public server and one development server. Developers must have a license for Analytica Enterprise or better. Analytica Enterprise serves as the development tool. Optimizer can be also be added to ADE. Order here

System requirements

All Editions run on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Window Server 2003 and later. Each Edition needs at least 1 GB RAM. We recommend 3 or 4 GB RAM to run large models. 

End User License Agreement

Please view the Analytica License Agreement or ADE license agreement, available in PDF format.