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New icons and popup node controls in Analytica 5.0

Analytica 5.0 Release!

October 30, 2017

The Lumina team is delighted to announce the release of Analytica 5.0 on October 30th, 2017! This major new release includes hundreds of new and improved features. 

Users with active support can upgrade free to a subscription to Analytica 5.0

Others can purchase a new subscription.

For quotes or orders for upgrades, email or call us at +1-650-212-1212.

New look and feel


New toolbar icons and matching pop-up node controls on diagrams give faster access for common operations on each node.

Mutlithreaded computing

Parallel computing speeds up the most common calculations using multithreading when your computer has multiple processors or cores.

Cell table formats

You can now set formats in tables, including text style, size, color, and font, borders, background colors, number format, and images. You can specify formats by cell, headers, rows, columns, slices or ranges, and they pivot along with the table view. Conditional formats let you compute styles or colors to create heatmaps and other powerful visualizations.

New Find dialog


Click  or press control+f for a vastly more powerful Find dialog that lets you search your model by object identifier, title, description, and other text attributes. It can also search the online Analytica wiki documents.

For more

See What’s new in Analytica 5.0? for a video overview by CTO, Lonnie Chrisman, and more details on all new features.

Subscription-based licensing

With Analytica 5.0, we are moving to subscription-based licensing for all our software, in line with most software. (Analytica Cloud Player and Cubeplan have always been subscription based.)

  • The price for a new annual subscription is the same as our previous initial price for each edition.  Renewals for subsequent years are 50% of full price. 
  • A subscription includes our acclaimed technical support and free upgrades for patches, minor and major releases. 
  • In previous releases -- e.g. to 4.0 -- the upgrade price was about 70% of full price.
  • If you have active support for Analytica, you can upgrade free to a subscription to Analytica 5.0 for the rest of your support contract.
  • For more see Subscriptions to Analytica