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Energy Optimization of Buildings through Customer Usage and Surveys

Sean Salleh 31 Oct 2013 Energy and environment, Risk and uncertainty

On the road to downtown, a façade of clouds hover about the forest of buildings. Air pollution is quite noticeable to the naked eye, but the lit rooms in skyscrapers at midnight portend a different pollution. There is a...

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Better Workforce Planning with Social Network Analysis

Sean Salleh 29 Oct 2013 Analytics and OR, Modeling methods

Your company must decide on which revenue streams to scale up or down to hit a major goal in the future. You may not have a team ready with the scientific and data acrobatic chops needed to find a solution....

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Green Decision Analysis on Prices and Profits

Sean Salleh 25 Oct 2013 Energy and environment

Moral pressure to be eco-friendly is certainly one motivating factor for manufacturers to go green. But if going green can be a factor that boosts product popularity and profitability, saving the environment is likely to happen faster too. How much...

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Standard Deviation or Standard Error – Just Personal Preference?

Sean Salleh 24 Oct 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Figuring out what people mean is important. Are they talking about standard deviation? Or about standard error? Or do they consider the two things to be equivalent? The only way to find out is to check on how the two...

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Uncertainty Analysis: Are You Sure About What You’re Not Sure About?

Sean Salleh 23 Oct 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Tracking uncertainty in the input data in a model and showing how different degrees of such uncertainty affect the final result are strengths of Analytica. However, uncertainty also arises in other dimensions than the input data alone. Uncertainty analysis extends...

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Sustainability Analysis with Analytica to See Both the Forest and the Trees

Sean Salleh 22 Oct 2013 Energy and environment

By the end of 2014, the Government of Ontario, Canada, has committed to phasing out the use of coal and phasing in renewable solutions to produce electricity. Naturally, it needs a solution to replace this energy production and the choice is...

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Monte Carlo Analysis for Schedules: More than Just a Mouse Click

Sean Salleh 21 Oct 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Project managers using Analytica to model schedules benefit from the built-in Monte Carlo engine. That makes the simulation runs for a given model effortless from the user’s standpoint. However, determining whether or not to do a Monte Carlo...

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Getting Over Your Hesitation on Decision Support Systems Software

Sean Salleh 18 Oct 2013 Modeling methods

For Decision Strategies, Inc., the recommendation is clear: ‘Executives who are hesitant about using decision support systems should consider Analytica.’ Pointing executives and managers towards Analytica is justified in many ways. But do executives know what decision support...

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Decision Analytics and Feedback Loops – The Driver and the Driven

Sean Salleh 17 Oct 2013 Modeling methods

Out of descriptive, predictive and decision analytics, decision analytics are squarely in the here and now. If you look at the Lumina analogy of driving a car, you’ll see several things. Descriptive analytics are the rear-view mirror.  That...

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Modeling Software as a Service and Accounting for Profitability

Sean Salleh 16 Oct 2013 Modeling methods

Modeling Software as a Service and Accounting for Profitability What should you expect in terms of profitability when modeling software as a service? Conventional business theory says an enterprise cannot be unprofitable over too long a time. If...

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