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Analytica 5.1 released

Lonnie Chrisman 30 May 2018

I am happy to announce the final release of Analytica and ADE 5.1! 

Please see the What's new in Analytica 5.1 page for a listing of new enhancements.

To upgrade, download the installer from the Analytica Downloads page and run it.

If you have an Analytica or ADE subscription, the same subscription is valid for 5.1.  In this case, no further activation should be necessary.

If you grandfathered into a perpetual license for 5.0 and still have active support, your license will need to be upgraded and activated, in the same way licenses had to be upgraded in the old 4.x days. But with active support, there is no cost for doing this. In many cases, the installer will be able to do this automatically for you if the installer is able to communicate with the Lumina server ( without being blocked by a firewall.

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Lonnie Chrisman

Lonnie Chrisman, PhD, is Lumina's Chief Technical Officer, where he heads engineering and development of Analytica®. He has authored dozens refereed publications in the areas of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence planning, robotics, probabilistic inference, Bayesian networks, and computational biology. He was was in eighth grade when he had his first paid programming job. He was awarded the Alton B. Zerby award "Most outstanding Electrical Engineering Student in the USA", 1987. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University; and a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley. Lonnie used Analytica for seismic structural analysis of an extension that he built to his own home where he lives with his wife and raised four daughters: So, he really trusts Analytica calculations!

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